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How to judge a bicycle fault through the dashboard?

We can see if the bike is malfunctioning from the dashboard to ensure safe driving. The fault code appears in the lower right corner of the dashboard and will be displayed in the form of "E0X".

E00: Normal condition, safe riding.

E02: Brake Failure.
Judge: Find the brake cable (usually connected to the bicycle handle, there are two left and right), and unplug the brake cable for testing. If the E02 error code disappears after the brake cable on the right is unplugged, it can be determined that there is a problem with the brake on the right, otherwise the left brake handle is faulty. If the E02 fault error code still exists after the left and right brake wires are unplugged, it is judged that the controller is faulty.
Solution: According to the fault judgment result, replace the brake lever or replace the controller.

E03: Power assist sensor failure. (riding sign)
Solution: Replacement Parts, you can find replacement parts here:

E06: Battery Undervoltage.
Judge: After the battery is fully charged, if the E06 fault code does not disappear, it is judged that the connecting wire or the controller is faulty, and it is necessary to check whether the connecting wire is damaged or broken.
Solution: Fully charge the battery, replace the cable, or replace the controller.

E07: Motor Failure.
Judge: First, check whether the connecting line is damaged, short-circuited or not connected well. If all connections are intact, the controller is faulty.
Solution: Replace the cable or replace the controller.

E08: Accelerator Failure.
Judge: Check whether the pins in the adapter connector are in good condition. If there is no problem with the connection line, it is the controller problem.
Solution: Replace the cable or replace the controller.

E09: Controller Failure.
Solution: Replace the controller.

Tips:When going uphill, pushing the bicycle feels laborious, you can press the "-" button for a long time to get the effect of boosting, making the push more labor-saving.

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Updated on: 26/02/2024

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