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How do I read the numbers on the monitor?

It is correct to judge the fault of the bicycle through the digital code on the display, and all fault reports will be displayed on the display.
Functional Description of Electronic Displays:
Display Function: Speed display, power-assisted gear display, power indicator, fault prompt, total mileage, single mileage, headlight display, single driving time display.
Control, Set Function: Power switch control, headlight switch control, maximum speed setting, idle automatic sleep time setting, backlight brightness setting, voltage level setting.
Communication Protocol: UART

1. Lamp (Press and hold " + " to turn on the headlights.)
2. Vehicle modes (POWER: Powerful mode.)
3. Battery level display (Schedule timely charging by battery level.)
4. Speed display area (The meter will calculate the real speed according to the wheel diameter and signal data, Maximum speed: MAX, Average speed: AVG
Unit: MPH, KM/H)
5. VOL: Digital Voltage; !: Brake Tips; M: Motor Failure; Handlebar Failure; ECU: Controller Failure.
6. Multifunctional display area (Total Mileage: ODO、Single Mileage: TRIP、Error Code: Error、Power: WATT、Maintain etc.)
7. Vehicle status display area (Switch between KM and MILE.)

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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