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How do I choose the right electric bike?

If you need to know more about it, please refer to the comparison parameters here

ModelDK200FB-20XF1F2F2 ProF3 ProF3 Pro Max
Price$ 1199$ 1699$ 1599$ 1699$ 1899$ 2799$ 2899
Motor Power1200W1200W1200W1200W1400W2000W (1000W*2)2000W (1000W*2)
Battery48V, 20AH48V, 15AH48V, 20AH48V, 20AH48V, 22.5AH48V, 40AH48V, 55AH
Riding Range40-50KM30-38KM40-50KM40-50KM50-60KM70-120KM96-165KM
Net Weight27KG27KG33KG35KG33KG35KG45KG
Charging Time8-10 H8-10 H8-10 H10-12 H8-10 H10-12 H10-12 H

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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