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How do I replace my order?

If you need to replace other products after placing an order, you can do the following:
Please contact our customer service staff within two hours after placing the order, we can replace other products for you free of charge;
Note: If there is a price difference for the replaced product, we will provide a reasonable service to make up the difference

If you need to replace the goods two hours after placing the order, we need to charge a labor fee of $20 (please understand that we need to go through multiple procedures to solve this problem from the processing center to the carrier), and before delivery, we can quickly replace it for you.

Please forgive us for sending your order quickly, if the order has already been sent, we will not be able to intercept it, so if you need to replace the goods, please reject the package after it arrives, the package will be returned, and the cost will be incurred, you are responsible, we will re-deliver the package for you after the package is returned and confirmed to be correct. (the price difference of the product, we will arrange to make up the difference)

If you have any other related questions, please contact us in time:
Call Phone/WhatsApp: +1 213-640-6875

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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