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Bicycle Common Issues and Solutions

The following are common issues with electric bicycles. We will provide solutions based on the reasons for the malfunctions and the inspection steps.
1. Fault: Motor Noise; Reason: Motor or Controller
Detection Steps:
1. Is there a fault code in the instrument?
2. Check if the motor cable is properly connected and unplug it again;
3. Does the ebike emit electrical noise? Does the instrument display speed?
Solution: Replace the controller or motor

2. Fault: Twist the throttle knob, the ebike doesn't work; Reason: Throttle / Controller / Motor
Detection Steps:
1. Ensure that the speed level is 1-5, if it is 0, it cannot accelerate;
2. Does the meter display an exclamation mark or brake lever malfunction;
3. For some new models of F2Pro and F3pro, there are new features that lock the bike as soon as you open it Up, you need to brake once, then twist the throttle, it will unlock and work;
4. Check if the ebike emits an electric current sound, and replace the handle if there is an electric current sound;
5. If there is no current sound, it may be a motor or controller malfunction
Solution: Replace the throttle, controller, or motor

3. Fault: The meter cannot be turned on; Reason: Meter / Battery
Detection Steps:
1. Long press the M key to turn the accelerator, indicating that the meter85 is broken;
2. Measure the battery voltage with a multimeter. If it is far below 53V, it means the battery is broken;
3.Ensure that the battery is installed properly and make sure the battery switch is at “on” position ( it has I & O, put it “I” position)
Solution: Replace the meter or battery

4. Fault: The front wheel motor has abnormal noise and the front wheel does not rotate, but the rear wheel motor is working normally; Reason: Motor or Controller
Detection Steps:
1. Has the red dual drive button been pressed down;
2. Is there an arrow at the interface of the front wheel motor wire? Pull out the motor wire connector and plug it back in before trying again;
3. During the cross test of the front and rear motor wires, connect the rear wheel motor wires to the front wheel; If the front wheels rotate normally, it means the controller is broken. If the front wheels do not work, it means the motor is broken;
Solution: Replace the controller or motor

5. Fault: The ebike cannot be charged; Reason: Charger / Battery
Detection Steps:
Measure the output voltage of the charger with a multimeter
Solution: The output voltage of the charger is about 42V, which is normal. Otherwise, it is a faulty charger. Replace the charger; The output voltage of the battery is about 53V, which is normal. If it is far below this value, the battery needs to be replaced

6. Fault: Automatic meter shutdown during cycling; Reason: Battery or Meter
Detection Steps:
1. First, check if the battery voltage is normal;
2.If the battery voltage is normal, replace the meter
Solution: Replace the meter or battery

7. Fault: The brake makes a noise when braking; Reason: Brakes
Detection Steps: Adjusting the brake
Solution: Please watch the solution video

8. Fault: Tooth disc crank deformation / slippage; Reason: Deformation / Slippery Teeth
Detection Steps: Replacing the toothed disc crank
Solution: Please watch the solution video

9. Fault: The brake cannot be applied/the brake lever is too soft; Reason: Brake lever oil leakage
Detection Steps: Add brake fluid
Solution: Please watch the solution video

10. Fault: The power assist gear of the car is in 5th gear but the speed is slow, only 15-20Mph; Reason: Not in USA mode
Detection Steps:
1. Press the brake lever to turn on the device while it is turned off (do not release it midway);
2.Release the brake lever after 20 seconds and enter USA mode;
3. Repeat the same method to enter Europe mode;
4. If it still doesn't work, press the M key on the meter twice in a row. The speed bar in the upper left corner of the meter will change and display 2/3 or 3/3 (full scale);
5. Despite trying the first two methods, the maximum speed cannot be changed. Try adjusting the value of P08 to 100
Solution: Please watch the solution video

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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